Municipal Negligence:

Whether a school child is injured on school grounds, a visitor to the town hall slips on an unmarked, wet hallway floor, or a police car careens into you at an intersection during a hot pursuit, claims against municipalities in Connecticut are subject to unique and difficult roadblocks. When injuries are the result of municipal or school employees’negligence, complexities contained within Connecticut’s law frequently immunize the municipality’s wrongful conduct. As a result, it is all too common that victims are left totally uncompensated for their injuries.

Complete understanding of this ever-evolving area of law and all its nuances is necessary before undertaking any such representation.

At Logan and Mencuccini we work on the cutting edge of municipal liability and immunity law having handled numerous cases and personally arguing cases before the Connecticut Supreme Court and on the topic. Attorney Logan has also testified before the state General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee regarding legislation concerning municipal immunity. Pre-trial investigation and proper pleading are but two keys in the handling of any municipal tort case and may spell the difference between a dismissal and a successful jury verdict.

Highway Defects:

The State of Connecticut and municipalities within the state have the statutory obligation to keep the highways, roads and municipal walkways free from known defects which cause injury. There are very high hurdles in handling such cases including proof that the defect was the sole proximate cause of the injury or death. At Logan and Mencuccini we have experience with such claims and know when the facts are sufficient to permit success at trial.

If you are a victim of either municipal negligence or a defective highwayor you are an attorney seeking to refer an injured client, please contact us to discuss our approach to such cases.

Recent Municipal Negligence/Highway Defect Claims Verdicts & Settlements

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The results of a particular case cannot be based upon a lawyer's or firm's past results. Each case is different. The value of a case can depend on a number of factors, such as: the facts concerning liability in the case, potential defenses asserted in the case, the harm both monetary and personal suffered by the injured person, the legal complexity of the case, whether the defendant was insured or not, the available insurance coverage in the case, and whether the case was resolved through negotiation, at trial, or in arbitration.